Its the time of year where we take things a little too seriously. For many its the start of the year where we make promises to ourselves to stop our Christmas vices and start afresh, but is that a good call? Is “tipaton tammikuu”, “Vit månad”, “Janopause” or “Drynuary” really going to help us in the long run?

We all know that the secret to a successful long metcon is pacing. If you go full on from the start in a 20 minute metcon in most cases you wont be able to keep up with the pace and rest periods grow and grow until, towards the end, you start falling behind. Pacing is the key, set a pace right from the start of the workout. Break the larger sets into smaller, more manageable sets. This also makes the workout “feel”  more doable. Keep the rest between sets consistent throughout the workout, 3..2..1…Go.

It’s usually at the beginning of the year that we promise ourselves to start eating well and workout more. The problem is that we usually take it to the extreme. We stop eating food that tastes good (but is healthy), we quit drinking alcohol completely and train six days a week, just to compensate for the slacking off during the winter holidays. Thats where pacing can be applied to the rhythm of our lives.

  1. Start the year in a pace that you can hold throughout the whole year.
  2. Use moderation as a guide to everything we do will help you keep a pace that wont burn you out towards the end of the year.
  3. Plan a training schedule that you can maintain throughout the year.
  4. Eat a wide range of foods and don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while.
  5. Enjoy life

To conclude:
Pace your training timetable, work schedule, eating habits and sleeping patterns and find a balance that can be maintained for a longer timespan. Create new good habits that support these, but don’t try and change everything at once.

If you push any of these to the extremes you are highly likely to relapse into bad habits and stumble around in that long workout called life.

North Engine Crew