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RECOVERY – meaning and importance as part of training
August 23, 2022

Should you consider rest and recovery into your training? Yes (please). But why, when and how you should do that? Let…

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Mind of a Ninja – Part III
March 18, 2019

Part 3: Openly Competitive At the time of writing we are already past the midpoint through the Open workouts for the…

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Mind of a Ninja – Part II
February 6, 2019

Part 2: Training Mentality I have a small confession to make. My original title for this blog post was My Training…

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Mind of a Ninja
January 4, 2019

Part 1: Motivation This is the first part of a series of blog posts that I intend to publish in the…

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Russian Pull-Up Programme
May 30, 2017

Some of you have been asking for a way to increase pull-up strength to get the first pull-up or just to…

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Speed up recovery with the right post-workout routine
May 29, 2017

Often feel that you aren’t recovering fast enough? Its time to stop blaming old age and work on speeding recovery. A…

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