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Mind of a Ninja – Part III
March 18, 2019

Part 3: Openly Competitive At the time of writing we are already past the midpoint through the Open workouts for the…

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Mind of a Ninja – Part II
February 6, 2019

Part 2: Training Mentality I have a small confession to make. My original title for this blog post was My Training…

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Mind of a Ninja
January 4, 2019

Part 1: Motivation This is the first part of a series of blog posts that I intend to publish in the…

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Russian Pull-Up Programme
May 30, 2017

Some of you have been asking for a way to increase pull-up strength to get the first pull-up or just to…

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Speed up recovery with the right post-workout routine
May 29, 2017

Often feel that you aren’t recovering fast enough? Its time to stop blaming old age and work on speeding recovery. A…

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