I love the summers in Finland, cool, green and light. However, the light might be a little excessive during the night. This might affect our sleep, so here are a few tips on hacking that midsummer sleep.

Switch off that phone at least an hour before going to sleep

We all get stuck into that endless Facebook rabbit hole on average of a whopping 30x a day in Finland. Leaving out that in-bed phone surfing can significantly improve our sleep quality. Blue light waves increase melatonin production which keeps our body awake. What to do:
-> Put away the phone atleast one hour before going to sleep
-> If thats a challenge switch the phone to night mode. This changes the blue light into a warmer colour.

Tip: Reading a book really gets my mind thoughts on work and helps me fall asleep.

Eat dinner at-least 2h before going to bed

Eating right before going to sleep can be a bad idea. Our bodies use energy to digest food and we want this process to be over before we go to sleep. Our stomachs also follow the circadian rhythm and work less efficiently during the night.

Before sleep ritual

Winding down a few hours before going to sleep relaxes the mind helps us to fall asleep. Our hectic lives keep our minds busy all throughout the evening, when it’s time to let our minds rest. Even menial jobs like washing the dishes can help us relax and leave the tough workday behind.

Stay active throughout the day
Train CrossFit at least 3 x week to keep the body fresh and the blood flowing. There is no better feeling than going to bed feeling physically and mentally tired.

Go to sleep early
There are night owls and early risers but studies show that going to sleep before 11pm can help improve sleep quality. This follows our natural day-night cycle aka. circadian rhythm.

Sleep in darkness
Summer light in Finland is a pain in our backsides when it comes to sleep. Sleeping in a completely dark room is one of the best tricks to sleep well.

-> Buy a eye mask for a few euros
-> Eye masks can be uncomfy, so you could cover the windows with blanket or purchase darkness curtains.

Armed with these tips you should be able to get that rest you require to train better and even harder. Remember, its not how much you train, but how much you rest and therefore recover.

Still have trouble sleeping? Try this sleep cocktail:

– 2tbls Apple Cider Vinegar (omenaviinietikka)
– 1tsp Honey /
– 80C hot water